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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Richmond

When you've lost a tooth, finding an experienced dentist to restore your smile and oral health is important. Dr. Juan Carrillo, our Richmond dental implant specialist at Soothing Dental Care, assesses the best course of action to take when replacing missing teeth is your chief oral health concern. He is skilled in restoring implants and is continuing his studies in dental implant placement and restoration to keep up with modern advances in the field. 

When a single tooth is missing or damaged beyond repair, a dental implant is often the preferred method to use. It involves the least amount of collateral damage to other teeth, and it provides a viable option for tooth replacement that has the likelihood of lasting for the entirety of the patient's life.

Getting a Dental Implant in Richmond

During your initial visit with Dr. Carrillo, a full examination is performed to assess the state of your oral health. Necesary x-rays and diagnostic models are performed to evaluate each case on an individual basis. Since the quality of the bone where the implant will be placed is so crucial, bone grafting is a very important aspect of this process and it could be part of the treatment perfomed in the office as well. 

What Is a Dental Implant and How Does It Work?

Otherwise known as a fake or artificial tooth, a dental implant consists of several components: 

  • Titanium Rod - Implanted into the jaw, the titanium screw takes the place of your natural tooth root and helps to stimulate bone in the jaw to prevent bone loss from the lack of your real tooth. 
  • Abutment - Made to attach to the portion of the titanium rod that extends above the gums, the abutment securely holds the crown (or replacement tooth) in place. 
  • Crown - Made from durable, tooth-colored material, the crown attaches to the abutment and functions like your normal tooth. 

When patients are missing all their teeth, dental implants can act as anchors to secure dentures. 

For most patients, the discomfort associated with the dental implant process is minimal. There is a healing process during which we allow the dental implant to integrate/adhere with the bone. After this initial phase the final restoration can be placed on top of the implant.  


Benefits of Receiving Dental Implants in our Richmond Dental Office 

Getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth avoids the damage that is often created by a dental bridge. With dental implants, there is no need to grind down adjacent teeth in order to support a bridge. The replacement of a missing tooth with a dental implant provides a lifelong solution that enhances mouth functionality as well as the attractiveness of the patient's smile. 

Questions? Would you Like to Request a Dental Implant Consultation?

For more information on how Dr. Carrillo can help you restore the power and appeal of your smile with dental implants from his Richmond dental office, contact us today or schedule an appointment online.


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