5 Benefits of Bridges

Bridge the gap.

5 benefits of bridges

You should consider a bridge to restore your smile and fill in missing gaps in your mouth for a number of reasons.

Maintain your face shape

When you leave a gap between teeth, your body will naturally try to fill it in. This pushes your remaining teeth together, which alters your face shape. Your tooth root actually stimulates the cells in your jawbone. Without a tooth root to stimulate the cells, your jawbone deteriorates, leading to facial collapse and possibly additional tooth loss.

Prevent gum disease

Missing teeth affect your oral health in more ways than one. When a missing tooth isn’t replaced, and all your other teeth try to compensate by shifting, your teeth become crooked. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean. Misaligned teeth create pockets of bacteria that are difficult to eradicate with floss and brushing. Infected and inflamed gum tissue leads to gum disease, which can lead to more significant problems. A dental bridge will keep your teeth straight and improve your oral health.

Improve chewing ability

Missing teeth make it hard to enjoy the foods you love. You might also be experiencing pain when chewing, which makes life more difficult than it has to be. Eating your favorite foods shouldn’t cause pain. A bridge permanently alleviates pain and ensures that no food particles will get stuck in an empty tooth socket.

Replace your dentures

If you’re using dentures but want a more durable solution, consider bridgework. A bridge won’t move or slip while you chew and talk. It won’t make any embarrassing noises, because it looks and feels like a real tooth. Best of all, you can get rid of sticky, messy denture cream.

Save money

A bridge saves you money by preventing poor oral health and new tooth and bone loss. Having a bridge implanted by Dr. Carrillo is a cost-effective way to manage missing or diseased teeth. Your health and smile are both worth the investment of bridgework. You can say goodbye to all the extra trips to the dentist with gaps in your teeth or painful gums.

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